Acer Predator 21 X Price In India 2018, Specifications, Features And Review

The first world to spot a curved display is Acer predator 21x and it is a hardcore gaming laptop. Acer predator 21x weights a huge 8 kg and it is powered by the latest 7th generation Intel Core i7 processors. These laptops have a dual GTX 1080 GPUs in SLI for unmatched graphics performance. The best features of the Acer predator 21x is 2560×1080 pixels resolution and NVIDIA G-SYNC technology to ensure smooth and also sharp gameplay.

This laptop memory is equally powerful with 4TB SSD and 64GB DDR4 ram. This laptop also has a Tobii eye-tracking technology and it is integrated into the laptop. Eye tracking also enhances the experience by providing infinite views whilst can navigate the treacherous roads and paths in a game. This Acer predator laptop 21x has five cooling fans and it keeps normal temperature and spots a full-sized mechanical keyboard with cherry switches. In a keyboard with each key can consist a cherry MX MX switches with RGB backlighting.


  • Acer predator 21x is a removable side panel and it instantly converts from a number pad to a precious trackpad.
  • This laptop comes with sound pounded 4.2+ and Dolby audio sound technology and also 3-way audio.
  • It is a stylish and powerful gaming laptop.
  • Acer predator 21x is powered by intel core i6 or i7 generation processor on the front memory.
  • It is equipped with a hard drive of 4TB and 64 GB DDR4 ram.

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