Best wireless gaming mouse in India 2018

You are looking for the best gaming mouse in Google, then you are in the right place for choosing the best gaming mouse. We can provide you the best, reviewed, tested and ranked every mouse on this site. You should be confident on that which of these mice you choose and you will be satisfied with it.

By using this mouse you can play any kind of games and after going to through this site. We can believe, you will get your hands on one of the excellent gaming mice. The best way to ensure your rapid fast reactions are registered in game before your enemies by choosing the best gaming mouse.

We can provide a variety of sizes, weights, button layouts and also grip styles for finding the perfect anf fit can be a little tedious at time. We can covered with the top and best for gaming mice in internet. Do you want a laser mouse, wireless mouse or Logitech mouse then these all choices are manifold for you on this site. You could have a simple mouse but it can’t deliver the good in games.

List of best budget gaming mouse 2018:

1.Dragon War Emera ELE-G11 Gaming Mouse (Black):

The dragon war Emera ELE G11 gaming mouse is the best feature is a revolutionary 3200 dpi for an exceptional video game experience. The dragon war gaming mouse can provide 8 control buttons and it gives you flexibility for uncompromised game play. You can just customize your controls and choose functions on their 8 control buttons to play with absolute precision.

The dragon war Emera gaming mouse can offers a comfort and which allows expanded hours of game play. This gaming mouse can provide a USB 0.2 compatible and it comes with gold plated USB connector. It is braided with fibre cable length as 1.8 metres long and it offers maximum convenience during the game play.


  • The dragon war Emera gaming mouse can contain 6 control buttons.
  • The resolutions of dragon war Emera G11 gaming mouse is 800/2000/3200 dpi.
  • It can provide ergonomic design for professional gamers and also gold plated USB connector.
  • The length of the mouse cable is 1.8 meters.
  • It is compatible with windows XP and above.
  • This has a Logitech G102 optical gaming mouse and technet rapot prime 2.4 wireless mouse.

2.Logitech G102 Optical Gaming Mouse:

The Logitech G102 gaming mouse comes with some handy perks and customizations. This gaming mouse not only is there a performance improvement, it has also made sure that their entry level gaming mouse as excellent looking as well.

Logitech gaming mouse designs symmetrical in appearance and it can’t exactly be called ambidextrous as features the side buttons on the left side of this gaming mouse. This mouse looks like as simple and it is relatively low. It is designed for users with small to medium sized hands. The Logitech G102 gaming mouse comes in two colours that is black and white.


  • The Logitech G102 gaming mouse contain a adjustable optical sensor up to 200DPI to 6000DPI.
  • It can be directly followed by model of legendary G1.
  • This gaming mouse can contain 16.8m LED colour customizing.
  • Logitech gaming mouse can provide a classic design, tension button system and programmable 6 buttons.
  • The speed of this mouse is more than 200ips.

3.TeckNet Raptor Prime 2.4G Wireless Gaming Mouse:

It is the time to buy a ultimate pc gaming experience, whether you are targeting, aiming, and attacking and a professional gaming mouse is your best weapon by playing the game. we can discover the most comfortable and responsive Technet raptor wireless gaming mouse.

he advanced wireless technology can gives a 2.4GHz and it enables working distance up to 10m with little to no delay. It can provide the comfort and precision at your fingertips and it is an essential for computer accessory for die hard gamers. This technet raptor wireless gaming mouse can provide the mighty 4000DPI optical sensor.


  • The technet raptor prime 2.4G wireless gaming mouse can contained 8 programmable buttons and 3 savage profiles and also 6 default DPI levels.
  • Technet raptor gaming mouse comes with the auto power off function.
  • The pc is switched off then it will gives you the 12 months battery life from just 1AA battery.
  • It can achieves 500Hz of return rate on the speed of transmission from the computer and the mouse for instant response.

4.Redragon M601 CENTROPHORUS-2000/3200DPI Gaming Mouse for PC:

The radragon gaming mouse aim is to deliver gaming accessories of the highest performance and quality. It can uses the latest equipment for high quality tooling, screen printing and much more while being both lead free and environmentally responsible. The redragon can contain the total of 6 optimized buttons and 2 programmable side buttons and also 2000DPI sensor optimization.

Redragon gaming mouse is comes with 15G acceleration durable smooth Teflon feet pads for 3mm diameter and also high strength fiber wire 1.8m. this gaming mouse will suitable for all USB port windows10, windows8, windows7 and much more.


  • The redragon M601 gaming mouse contains 3200DPI, 3600FPS and 15G super fast game engine.
  • It can provide 5 programmable buttons with 5 memory profiles.
  • Redragon can adjustable up to 2000 to 3000DPI.
  • The weight of the redragon is 2.4gx8.
  • This gaming mouse will gives you the one year manufacturer warranty.

5.Dragonwar Leviathan ELE-G1 Gaming Laser Mouse (Black):

The dragonwar gaming mouse contained ergonomic shape and it bears a resemblance to the mionic naos series of mice. This gaming mouse is comfortable when you used left handed but with the flared sides to rest your fingers and thumbs on this mouse. This gaming mouse will perfectly suits for right handers and the design certainly feelslike a smaller version of the early Microsoft sidewinder.

The dragonwar gaming mouse both the features leviathan and dragunov with a blue highlight along its length and its certainly improves the looks. The dragonwar leviathan gaming mouse can goes into a gold plated USB connector and which again has the same extravagant design as the keyboard.


  • The dragonwar leviathan gaming mouse contained a 5 control buttons.
  • The length of this gaming mouse is a 1.8m.
  • It is suitable for all most every surface.
  • Dragonwar gaming mouse designed for a right handers.
  • This mouse can provide one year warranty.
  • This mice will comes with a high DPI sensors.

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