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Google Pay App Will Be Announced Recently By Google

Google recently announced the payment app called Google pay app. This app combining of different payment services , including android pay and google wallet. This google pay will be easier to use the payment information saved to your google account, so you can quickly checkout with peace of mind through this google pay app.

This app will be appear over the coming weeks on online and playstore. With this new app payment information will be saved in your google account, so use google products in anywhere because your google account will be available in everywhere. This app is already available in Airbnb, fandango, instacart, dice and hungryhouse and other websites.

This google pay app can save your valuable time and money. It is the new app for all the payment service company’s. This google pay comes from both the android pay and google wallet, this android pay is launched in 2015 and the google wallet is launched in 2011.

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