Seeheiser CX 6.00BT, HD 820 Headphones Will Be Launched On CES 2018

Recently seeheiser  cx 6.00BT and HD 820 headphones will be launched on this year ces 2018. This headphones covers with the gorilla glass over each transducer.  This seeheiser HD 820 headphones will be announced by the german company. Which gives the seamless performance because it has the low capacitance, impedance matching cable.

These headphones results the less distortion and more transperant sound reproduction because which offering the lower contact resistance than alternative connectors and feature pentaconn connectors. These are the light weight Bluetooth earphones and these are designed to facilitate on the go listening. It comes with multi connections up to two simultaneous devices.

This headphones comes with mic, which can be used for the noise cancelling technology and which also used for three way calling. It comes with the fast charging option for two hours of listening woth only ten minutes of charging and gives the 6 hour of battery life. It has the button remote so you can control your calls and music. It comes with four types of ear adaptors.

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